By joining the Boost Your Russian affiliate program, you’ll be able to recommend my courses to other Russian learners and earn a commission if they decide to purchase them.
    • 50% commission on all sales that you refer;
    • No cost to sign up;
    • Payments are sent digitally via PayPal.

At the moment, the Boost Your Russian affiliate program is only open to my current students. You need to be enrolled in at least one of my courses.

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The Boost Your Russian school is constantly growing, and the need for advertising is inevitable.  I do not want to pay Facebook, or Google. Instead, I want to give back to my students! If you´ve tried and loved my courses, I believe you´ll be the best advocate for my products, rather than any ad I run. Word of mouth is the best advertising!

Tell other Russian learners about my products, share how they helped you improve your Russian, and I´ll send you a check each month in return. You can help others find amazing study resources and get totally rewarded for it. It’s win-win!


When you join my affiliate program, I’ll provide you with a unique referral (affiliate) link. Your affiliate link is your “lifeline” to Boost Your Russian. I use it to directly track your affiliate sales. When someone clicks on that link and is taken to one of my Boost Your Russian courses, I know that it is you who referred them. If they eventually buy my course, you get a commission.

1. Join the affiliate program for free by filling out the signup form.

2. Gain access to the affiliate platform and receive a unique referral link.

3. Spread the word and use your affiliate link to refer other Russian learners to my courses.

4. Earn up to $300 per sale.


The affiliate commission is 50% for every sale that is made through your affiliate link. Let´s say you have sold 10 News in Slow Russian courses at $297 each, your commission is:

10 sales x $297 x 50% = $1485

The money will be transferred to your PayPal account 14 days after each sale is made.

NOTE: Your referrals do not have to make a purchase on their first visit. My system will keep track of them and credit to you any sale made within 90 days after their visit.

Russian Pronunciation
Russian Pronunciation


The possibilities of where you can promote Boost Your Russian courses are limited only by your imagination!

    •  Tell your friends who are learning Russian about your favorite course;
    •  Recommend my courses as supplementary material to your students if you teach Russian;
    •  Market my courses on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.);
    •  Recommend Boost Your Russian courses via your website or blog;
    •  Make a YouTube video about how my courses helped you improve your Russian;
    •  Place your affiliate link in your email signature.
Or choose your own, individual way! I trust that you will promote the product well in a way that mutually benefits you, me and potential students.


I appreciate that you would like to promote my products and thereby make some income for yourself. However, I do want to ensure that you represent the product correctly and that you maintain a high degree of honesty and transparency.

I work with students from all around the world, and I do not discriminate against anyone due to gender, sexual preferences, religious beliefs, culture, race, ethnicity or level of education.

Thank you for helping me get my product out to those who will find it useful and will utilize it to improve their Russian language skills.


Does it cost me anything to become an affiliate for Boost Your Russian courses?
No. It’s free!
Is this affiliate program open to everyone?
No. At the moment, only my current students can participate. You need to be enrolled in at least one of my courses: News in Slow Russian, Russian Verb Drills or Clear Russian. I will manually approve all affiliate signups.
Is there a limit on how much commission I can earn?
There is absolutely no limit on how much you can earn. It all depends on the amount of sales you are able to generate.
How do I receive my commission?
You’ll receive an automatic PayPal payout 14 days after each sale you refer.
I don´t have a PayPal account. Can I become an affiliate?
Unfortunately, no. The software I use for tracking referrals only supports PayPal payouts.
Do I get a commission if I recommend your books?

No, this affiliate program is only for my courses. If you´ve read and loved my books and refer your audience to them, you will not get any commission (but you´ll receive a lot of appreciation from me!).